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A good business relationship is like a good marriage

There’s a lot of chat about ‘relationships’ in business, which can be a bit of an eye-roll. It can feel a bit ‘forced’.

But, a good business relationship is like a good marriage (partnership, civil union, all those things when two people decide to make life together).

There is chemistry at the start (it might be a slow burn, but there is a spark, something more than civility). Then you realise that as cute as all the lovey-dovey stuff is, you will have to compromise and communicate. You will have to think about the other person and their needs; you will have difficult conversations, and your feelings will get hurt. You’ll probably be mean to the other person, but there is an underlying foundation of goodwill and affiliation, wanting the best for the other person—or, in this case, business.

We care very much about the relationship we have with our clients.

When there is a storm, we know that all our tradies will be impacted;

When there is an economic downturn, our HR person will be swamped

When there is a housing boom (hello, when isn’t there one in somewhere in Oz?) our mortgage brokers will be busy AF

When there are wholesale local, state and federal regulatory changes (who thought that three levels of government would be a good thing?) our commercial lawyer’s phone is going to run off the hook (is that still a thing?)

Our psychologists will be under the pump when there is a global pandemic.

When it’s back to school week, our hairdressers will need a stiff drink when they shut up shop the following Saturday afternoon.

We are here to ensure that you can do what you do best and what you started your business for, and we can take care of the rest.

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