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Our top 4 tips when picking your Task Management system

Task management systems don't need to be scary and daunting! Every business should be using some sort of system - no matter how simple or complex. Here are our top 4 tips when picking your Task Management System.

1. Work within your tech skills

Don't go for something over complicated that you don't understand to use. If you are most comfortable with something like google sheets or excel, start with that. You can always move to something more complex in future once you get use to tracking and prioritising your tasks instead of relying on your memory!

2. Utilise free trials

Most task management systems come with a free trial or free version. Use this time to see what features you like whether you like the look and feel of the system, and if it is something you like to use. Maybe you need a certain way of displaying your tasks - do you prefer lists, board, calendar, Gannt chart....every system is different.

3. Review premium or paid features

Are there any there that you must have? Does the cost of the premium features sway your thinking on your app? Can the paid features make your life easier with automations (and can you get someone to help get these set up for you).

4. It's never too late to start!

Don't feel that the world of task management apps and systems is a scary place. Although there are lots of options out there, just starting on something simple will help you realise what features you actually want. It'll also help you realise how many tasks you were forgetting or putting off because you couldn't nut them all out in detail. It's also a good step towards team collaboration and outsourcing, should you wish to go down that path.

Let us know what your fav task management systems are - and if you have any new apps out there you have just discovered.

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