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Want to have support when you need it?

A virtual support package is the answer!

Your Online Business Manager and Virtual Assistant Power Team can:
Support the smooth and efficient running of your business doing whatever administrative and support work your business requires.

Look at what systems and support you currently have in place, and recommend and/or implement new systems to improve productivity, communication and workflow.

Provide long term solutions or small catch up projects - no task is too big or too small.  We can assist with your business requirements as you need.


You will get a dedicated Online Business Manager to help you strategise and manage your business, and a team of Virtual Assistants to help you implement those strategies and help you through your "to do" list.

This is the perfect 1-2 combo to allow you to create time and space in your work, become more future focussed, less stressed and overwhelmed and get things done in your business.

Select from our pre-paid packages

All of our packages are valid for 3 months from purchase.  Our packages include the initial discovery call, ongoing communication and support, and regular Zoom check in's (what we call WIP - or "Work in Progress").

Virtual Reception support can be combined with your Virtual Support package, however equipment charges of $70+GST/month will apply.  Time taken to receive the call and complete the related tasks will be deducted from your pre-paid package amount.

Prices are subject to change


10 hour package

$935 + GST

($93.50/hour + GST)

20 hour package

$1,760 + GST

($88/hour + GST)

30 hour package

$2,475 + GST

($82.50/hour + GST)

Casual Hourly Rate

$105 + GST

(min charge 3 hours)

Don't see an option you like?  Book in a chat to talk about our custom and monthly retainer options - we will put together a custom pricing option for you.

Not sure what to give to a Virtual Assistant?

  • Data entry

  • Preparation of agreements and contracts

  • Preparation of PowerPoint presentations

  • Calendar management

  • Updating contacts and CRM

  • Responding to custoemr emails

  • Late payment follow-up

  • Email management

  • Client onboarding

  • Purchasing client gifts

  • Employee onboarding

  • Recruitment scheduling & communication

  • Creating checklists and processes

  • Social media content creation and scheduling

  • Basic bookkeeping (data entry)

Typical Virtual Assistant tasks include:

Interested in Virtual Support?

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