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Need someone help manage your business?

An Online Business Manager is your solution!

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Online Business Managers (or OBM's) are your top level support.  We come up with the strategy on how to get things done, and keep your business running smoothly.  We also can help find the necessary support required to get everything done.

We help you manage your business so you can focus purely on growing your business - whether that be through increased sales, increased team numbers or if you are just not good at keeping on top of everything - an OBM is your right-hand-man who you can grow to rely on to manage your business.

You will get a dedicated Online Business Manager to help you strategise and manage your business - you will need to provide the extra support required to complete the tasks.  If you are looking for a full support team, our Virtual Support packages are designed for you to use our OBMs and VAs.

Select from our pre-paid packages

All of our packages are valid for 3 months from purchase.  Our packages include the initial discovery call, ongoing communication and support, and regular Zoom check in's (what we call WIP - or "Work in Progress").

Virtual Reception support is not able to be combined with this package.

Prices are subject to change


10 hour package

$1,320 + GST

($132/hour + GST)

20 hour package

$2,420 + GST

($121/hour + GST)

30 hour package

$3,300 + GST

($110/hour + GST)

Casual Hourly Rate

$143 + GST

(min charge 3 hours)

Don't see an option you like?  Book in a chat to talk about our custom and monthly retainer options - we will put together a custom pricing option for you.

Not sure what an Online Business Manager can do?

Typical OBM tasks include:

  • Defining standard operating procedures

  • Daily operations management

  • Freelance and team coordination

  • Uncover business strategies and priorities

  • Project management

  • Team and People management and coordination

  • Business Planning and Goal Setting

  • Strategic marketing management

Interested in OBM Support?

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