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Get to know the team, Meet Jelena Angus:

Business Owner and Mum.

As the CEO of a thriving Virtual Administration business , she's revolutionised how countless businesses streamline processes, serve customers, and manage bookings. But let's be real; it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Working full-time while raising a primary-school champ is no joke. When people ask, 'How do you do it all?' Jelena's candid response is, 'Maybe the best answer is 'I don't.' Instead of perfection, she's found the magic in making it work.

Juggling dishes in the sink, creative daycare hairdos, and book week – Jelena's mastered the art of being kind to herself. Her wisdom? Flexibility, setting realistic expectations, finding humour in the chaos, and soaking up those small moments.

But here's the secret sauce: Compartmentalisation! Balancing work and motherhood is a bit of a myth; in Jelena’s opinion, it's about being present wherever you are. When it's memory-making time, her phone's tucked away, and work distractions are a no-go. And vice versa! Closing those browser tabs and locking away her phone keeps her in the zone. Sure, it's a dance, but being fully present beats the multitasking trap.

Jelena's advice? Build your network. Surround yourself with kindred spirits who understand the hustle.The power of cheering each other on, sharing tips, and lending a listening ear is immeasurable. It takes a village, especially when you're rocking the dual role of a fierce professional and an amazing mum.

So here's to Jelena, the master of making it work, the advocate for embracing imperfections, and the firm believer that anything is possible with the right mindset and support. 🌈🌻

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