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The Best Tools for Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants need tools to help them out in their daily tasks. Some tools are not just for virtual assistants but can be useful to any worker. The range and quality of available tools are constantly expanding, as is the competition between these applications. When choosing a tool, it is essential to assess first what it will be used for and where the user will go online. Some tools are free, while others come at a price. Here are our top picks for the best tools for virtual assistants.


Slack is a cross-platform chat application and also a file-sharing platform. It is available online, as well as on mobile devices. Users can share files, add comments to posts, conduct conversations through messaging, etc. Bloggers can use Slack to coordinate with others in their team.


Asana is an online tool that lets you create lists. You can add the names of the people you work with under each list name and assign them tasks or projects. The lists can be made public so that everyone can check on the progress of each list.


Xero is software that helps small businesses manage their finances. This is a helpful tool for virtual assistants who work with clients, as it allows them to control expenses and manage their finances through the software.


Toggl is a time-tracking tool for freelancers. It allows you to easily track your time, expenses, maintenance costs and set budgets for yourself. For virtual assistants, it is important to manage their time efficiently, so this tool can help them monitor the time they spend on each task.


Canva is a unique and professional design tool that allows you to create or modify images and share them online. You can also make your designs and store them in the cloud. This is a helpful tool for virtual assistants who need to create graphics for social media and their clients.

Managing your business online requires a good, reliable set of tools. Virtual assistants can all benefit from having quality tools on hand to work effectively and independently. Choosing which one is right for you depends on your specific needs and the tasks you do each day.

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