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Virtual Assistant vs. Personal Assistant: Which One Do You Need?

In today's world, there never seems to be enough time in the day. When it comes to assistants, you've got a choice between a traditional employee and a virtual one. Each of them offers its own set of benefits. But, which of them is the best choice overall?

Delegating Tasks Lets You Focus More Time on Business Growth No matter what, you'll free up a lot of time by hiring someone to help with your business. Personal assistants will be there with you in person. That makes them a little easier to speak with. However, they've got their limitations. By working with someone virtually, you'll be able to save just as much time. So, both options are great for people who want to focus more on their business. Virtual Assistants Tend to Be More Cost-Effective When it comes to running a business, the bottom line is always your top priority. How much does something cost? And, what benefits will it bring to your company? Personal assistants tend to cost a lot more. You've got to give them benefits, and they're more likely to demand a higher hourly wage. Virtual assistants aren't nearly as expensive. Not only do you save on benefits, but you'll also spend less for their work hourly. Virtual Assistants Let You Look Around the World for Talent Let's say you've decided to hire an assistant. The more talented they are, the more they'll do for your company. Hiring a personal assistant might sound like a good idea, but you'll be stuck with whoever is in the area. By working with a virtual assistant, you'll have access to a global talent pool. Assistants Allow You to Provide Exceptional Customer Support Having an assistant will make it a lot easier to provide customer service. Yet, a virtual assistant could be available around the clock. So, if you'd like to offer 24-hour customer support, they're the best option. Personal assistants can only be in one place at a time. So, if they're doing something for you, they can't help any customers. Virtual Assistants Seem Like the Obvious Choice Hiring an assistant makes a lot of sense if you've been looking for some help. However, when you compare them, virtual assistants tend to be better overall. Personal assistants cost more, and they don't offer as much.

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