Supporting sole traders, small and family businesses in the Trades, Services and Hospitality Industries for over 15 years.

We can manage your administrative and support functions that consume your valuable time.

Who is Growth Advantage?

Growth Advantage have a broad background in Business Administration, Executive and Personal Assistant support, with over 15+ years experience in supporting consultants, direct sellers, fast food and events.


Growth Advantage are Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers with the knowledge, skills and experience to help your business grow. Take advantage of the virtual support we offer so you can focus on your number one priority - growing your business


What are the benefits of using a VA?

Engaging in a VA frees you from the responsibilities of employee related taxes, insurances, superannuation and other entitlements.  

You are able to reduce your office expenses as we operate from our home offices and are set up with a laptop, mobile phone, high speed internet, printer and scanner to handle your business demands. Most importantly, we can manage administrative and other functions that consume your valuable time, allowing you to concentrate on growing and developing your business.

New ways of growing

Bring the love and passion back into your business.  Revisiting how your business operates, adapts to change and the ability to switch between growth and survival modes can all be done through the assistance of outsourced support...and it doesn't need to be scary!


Growth Advantage Services
that save you time!

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Growth Advantage can assist with a
wide range of administrative tasks
and services. No job is to big or small - long term solutions or short term catch up projects - we can assist with your business requirements as you need.

Small Business Administration
• Calendar coordination
• Appoint. scheduling & confirmations

• Email inbox support & management
• Business event coordination
• Travel coordination
• Client communication,
  enquiries & support
• Cloud filing set up, coordination
   & maintenance
• Document preparation
• Bulk mailouts (elect. & hard copy)
• Expense management
• Research
• HR support - interview scheduling,
  reference checking, recruitment
• Presentations
• Word documents & transcription

Sales Administration
• Client Enquiries
• Client communication (emails and
   phone calls)
• CRM data entry and maintenance
• Sales flyers and documents
• Reporting
• Cloud filing support & maintenance
• Sales events, conferences &
  trade shows
• Client onboarding
• Data entry


Small Business

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Imagine having an Executive or Personal Assistant when you need them, but having the flexibility to
scale down the support when you
are quiet. With Growth Advantage,
you can. Have an Assistant during
your peak times so you can perform
at your best, knowing you can rely on us to support you and your business.

Executive Assistant
• Email inbox management
• Calendar management
• Appointment scheduling &
• Customer relations and support
• Secretariat services
• Expense tracking
• Database/CRM creation and

• Filing and records management
• Travel coordination
• Cloud file set up and management
• Event management
• Business documents
• Stakeholder communication
• Presentations

Personal Assistant/Concierge
• Book medical appointments
• Arrange car servicing &
Coordinate household support
• Book hair appointments
• Arrange travel
• Research & book family holidays
• Purchasing gifts
• Online ordering
• Coordinate private events
  and functions

• Arrange vet appointments


Executive & Personal Assistant

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Events don't need to be put in the "too hard" basket. Take advantage
of our expertise and passion for events and give your guests an amazing experience. Personal events such as birthdays, weddings, engagement parties; or Corporate functions such as client dinners, networking breakfasts or product launches - let us help out behind the scenes and portray your function as a once in a lifetime event.

Guest & Delegate Coordination

Flyers and documentation
Travel and accommodation
   for delegates

Coordinating keynote speakers
Guest surveys and feedback

Venue Coordination

Venue research
Venue booking
Run sheets
Seating plans
Catering coordination
AV coordination


"You are always told you can use your time better in your business and outsource where you can – well we will certainly be doing that from now on. Jelena and her team are incredible, I love they are local in Melbourne not overseas, they take the time to understand your needs and get the work done!"

Belle Godfrey, Frontline Locksmiths, Melbourne Victoria


Why use Growth Advantage as your Virtual Assistant? 

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We have a wealth of experience behind us so we can support your business. Don't do tasks you shouldn't be doing yourself - make better use of your time. And because we have the experience, we can take less time to complete tasks than doing them yourself.

GA High Quality icon.png

High Quality

We work on your behalf - your business is our business. We dedicate time and energy into protecting your interests and reputation. Your success is our success.

GA Customer icon.png

Customer Service

Taking care of customer service is time consuming. We have the skills (and personality!) to handle customers from initial enquiry through to after the job feedback....and complaints (if required!)

GA Flexibility icon.png


We have flexible work schedules - so can adjust depending on what your business needs. Increase or decrease your requirements depending on how busy your business is. We will only invoice you for the hours we work.

cost savings icon.png

Cost Saving

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is substantially less than hiring a full or part time staff member. We also come fully equipped to support your business, and don't require office space! There is also no need to worry for holiday or sick leave, superannuation or overtime.

more work icon.png

More Work in Less Time

By using a Virtual Assistant, you can spend your time focused on growing your business. Why juggle too many tasks single handedly when we can offer the support you need.


Contact us so that Growth Advantage Services can save you time!


Growth Advantage supplement your current staff by providing support where is needed – in administration, customer service, social media, and business operations. We treat all our clients’ businesses as our own – your success is our success.


I’d love to help you achieve outcomes like this. Simply contact Growth Advantage today to chat more.

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When Dolphin Electrics first started with us, they wanted to streamline their back end administration, grow their business and get back in touch with their customers. 

We are currently helping Martin and his team by updating their quoting and invoicing system, working on their social media presence, completing customer feedback and follow ups, and soon will be assisting with customer bookings! I can't wait to see where this journey will take us!  Martin is such an amazing and genuine person and is an extremely skilful electrician. 

Our Trusted Partners that can help you...

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