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Start Communicating Effectively With Your Virtual Assistant

Many business owners know that hiring a virtual assistant can save them time and money. Not only does it take off the stress of trying to do everything on your own, but it also saves you from spending too much time in front of a computer screen. Having open and clear communication with staff in a virtual work environment is the key to success.

How To Maintain Effective Communication With Your VA Through Software and Check-ins

1. Use a program that integrates with your VA's time management

Gowth Advantage uses Toggl to track and report time. By integrating a system such as this, you can easily see what they're doing and eliminate any miscommunication. Also, it allows you to maintain an accurate record of their work, so there aren't any disputes later on about payment for hours worked.

2. Set-up Regular Meeting Schedule

Having regular check-ins will improve your relationship with your virtual assistant. This is a great way to see what's working and get feedback on being more efficient together. Talking about the different ways you work helps establish guidelines for future tasks, so both of you are clear on expectations. Here at Growht Advantage, we recommend weekly WIP (work in progress) meetings held over zoom to ensure you are happy with the work we are producing and it gives a regular touch point to give us any additional tasks you may require to be completed.

3. Communicate Through Emails

On a daily basis, you should be communicating with your virtual assistant through emails to keep tasks running smoothly. It is important to always respond quickly to ensure there are no delays in the work process. Growth Advantage also use other avenues such as SMS, Voxer, WhatsApp and Slack.

4. Create Shared Systems

If you're working together on a project, it is important to create shared systems for the organisation. This will help your virtual assistant stay organised and know where to look for information they need. However, there should be trust between the two of you that they won't go through your personal files without permission.

Benefits of Clear Communication While Working With Your Virtual Assistant

1. Increased Productivity

By using clear communication to your advantage, you can ensure that all tasks are completed on time. This also allows both of you to maintain a consistent workflow without any interruptions or distractions.

2. Improved Relationships

Having regular check-ins and clear communication will help establish a better relationship between you and your virtual assistant. This can create an environment where both of you feel comfortable asking for feedback or assistance when needed.

3. Ensures Problems are Solved on Time

By keeping clear communication throughout the project, you can easily identify problems before they get out of hand. This prevents issues from becoming bigger and allows both parties to solve them quickly instead of wasting time on conflict resolution.

4. Less Stress

Oftentimes, managing a business alone can be stressful and time-consuming. By taking the step to hire a virtual assistant, you are saving yourself from stress and allowing your assistant to take some of that load off your shoulder.

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